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ABB string inverters

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The PVS-60-TL is ABB’s cloud connected three-phase string solution enabling cost efficient large decentralized photovoltaic systems for both commercial and utility applications.

This new addition to the PVS string inverter family, with 3 independent MPPT and power ratings of up to 60 kW, has been designed with the objective to maximize the ROI in large systems with all the advantages of a decentralized configuration for both rooftop and ground-mounted installations.

Compact design

Thanks to technological choices aimed at optimizing installation times and costs, the product design features the power module and wiring box enclosed in a single compact chassis thus saving installation resources and costs.

The inverter comes in multiple versions also allowing the possibility to connect to third-party DC string combiners.

Ease of installation

The horizontal and vertical mounting possibility creates flexibility for both rooftop and ground mounted installations.

Moreover the cover is equipped with hinges and locks that are fast to open and reduce the risk of damaging the chassis and interior components when commissioning and performing maintenance actions.

Advanced cloud connected features

Standard wireless access from any mobile device makes the configuration of inverter and plant easier and faster. Improved user experience thanks to a built-in User Interface (UI) enables access to advanced inverter configuration settings.

The Installer for Solar Inverters mobile app and configuration wizard enable a quick multi-inverter installation, saving up to 70% commissioning time.

Fast system integration

Industry standard Modbus (RTU/TCP)/SUNSPEC protocol enables fast system integration. Two ethernet ports enable fast and future-proof communication for PV plants.

ABB plant portfolio integration

Monitoring your assets is made easy, as every inverter is capable to connect to ABB cloud platform to secure your assets and profitability in long term.


  • Up to 3 independent MPPT – 60 kW power ratings
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Easy access to wiring box thanks to hinges and cam latches positioned on cover
  • Power module and wiring box in one compact chassis
  • Wi-Fi interface for commissioning and configuration
  • Reactive power management capability
  • Remote monitoring and firmware upgrade via ABB

Cloud platform (logger free)

  • Provides 10% more power in case of reduced ambient temperature
  • Improved operating altitude. Can work up to 4000 mt.
  • Built-in dynamic feed-in control algorithm

ABB string inverters


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